August 4, 2018

EMG Divisions

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Detour Community MAPs (a Marketing and Advertising Platform) is a division of Entire Marketing Group LLC that was established in 2007. The division was created to help the development of diferent communities and businesses in Illinois. Together we strive on connecting resident with local businesses and organizations to better the community by creating a SHOP LOCAL campaign. This campaign encourages residents to shop local versus shopping at a corporate or chain store. Resources suggest that for each dollar you spend at an independent business in your community, three or more times goes back into the local economy compared to a dollar spent at retailer owned by a chain. This means better school, security, resources, and an overall better community.

Detour Maps uses diferent resources both print and online to introduce small businesses and organizations to their local residents. We do this by creating a collective NEIGHBORHOOD PLATFORM that displays local business advertisements and deals as well as useful information such as emergency phone numbers, local events, entertain- ment, and local Savings. How did we do this? We have created a printed map that pin points locations of diferent local businesses, from restaurants, retail shops, and even public assets. With this printed map you can navigate through your community with ease and explore diferent areas your probably never knew were there! We are not just a plain old regular paper map; a Detour Community map is a Marketing and Advertising Platform (MAP) that ARTvertises your community and makes exploring fun, colorful and easy.

This concept became so popular and useful throughout the community that we created another platform, an online directory that is available 24/7 so consumers / residents may have access to it from the comfort of their own home.

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